Acqua Di Gioia For Women

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GIORGIO ARMANI Acqua di Gioia by Armani Created in 2010,
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SKU: 101772 Categories: , , , , is showcasing Armanis famous female counterpart of EDG, this is Acqua Di Gioia. The release date for this perfume is 2010, the concentration is Eau De Parfum. The nose behind this fragrance is Anne Flipo .Dominique Ropion and Loc Dong. Those are all star noses in the game.

This fragrance is very refreshing and very fresh. It piggy backs on EDG from the mens aisle so quite aquatic for the women out there.

Major notes of this perfume are lemon, mint and jasmine. So quite floral. It works well in the sun, the opening is very watery and very fresh. It has a better opening than the male counter part. Very green from the mint and the lemon note makes its way with a little jasmine and peony.It gives a fragrance like a big punch but doesn’t overwhelm with the menthol but it gives that subtle uplifting mint freshness which is quite uplifting.The lemon is a very nice combination too which complements the mint perfectly. The florals are ozonic, a breath of fresh air like a wet petal.There is a note of brown sugar too in this fragrance but the sweetness is more from the jasmine.

Once we hit the dry down of this fragrance this doesnt move much, it doesn’t have the complexity of the male counterpart but the floral note continues to push into an ozonic quality.The sweetness from the jasmine pushes a little bit more than the opening and then making its way through with a little bit of wood and cedar its slowly creeping through and it just gives the set of a light woody backbone.

One can admit this is a very well constructed scent , very linear but its a nice safe fragrance for daily use.

The seasons for this fragrance can be construed to be a spring time fragrance at the most but because of the mint this works well for summer as well. This is definitely a daytime perfume, professional and would work well at office. This is a pretty versatile scent. No restrictions when wearing this fragrance. I would recommend this perfume for a wife, sister, any woman.

Performance in terms of hours for this perfume could be between four to seven hours which is a little light in comparison to the seven to nine scents out there. It has weaker projection which is also good in the offices where people don’t likely wear over powered fragrances.

This perfume is a good every day scent for the warmer months and will make some people think mojito. The florals come in immediately because of the mint. Its fresh. Armani did not let us down once again.

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Giorgio Armani


Cedar, Floral Notes, Fruity Notes, Gin, Green Notes, Jasmine, Lemon, Mint, Pea, Sugar, Water


100, 25, 50


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