Club De Nuit Intense 6.8Oz EDP 2 Pack for Men

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This perfume is a higher concentrate than the EDT version.

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This fragrance is not just known for being an Aventus clone but then again Creed Aventus is the most copied fragrance of all time. Either way Club De nuit Intense EDP for men when sprayed on, this really does smell very similar to the bad boy Aventus it self, so similar where you will be looking at it with your mind blown. Its got that apple pie vibe of Aventus. While Aventus is known to have a smoky vibe club de nuit intense has a very muted opening moving towards woody.

This perfume is definitely a step up from the Eau De Toilette version.This perfume is a Creed Aventus Clone.It is trying to take that DNA and redo that fragrance only at a more affordable price. This smell is much smoother, not at all as harsh as the EDT opening so much better than that. The vanilla comes in earlier on too. Their isn’t as much woodiness and smokiness in this perfume. The EDP gets a good dose of blackcurrant which has a little bit of tartness along with the fruity sweetness from the bergamot,pineapple and the apple. This retains the smoothness of the opening. The EDP doesn’t come across as entirely different to EDT but it smells like they took the EDT and fixed the things that you could say were wrong with it. Its a slight tweak here and there but each one of the tweaks are definitely positive. The woodiness through the mid and into the dry down are more apparent here in the original than the EDT. The EDP is a little bit sweeter overall and a little bit more versatile. This can be worn day and night, any season that you want. Whether you wear it to the office, a date or casually it works just fine. Just like Creed Aventus the EDP version of this perfume is very versatile. It has a clearer distinction between the notes. It doesn’t come across as muddied like other clones out there.Club De Nuit Intense 6.8Oz EDP last over 8 hours off my skin without an issue and it projects very well during the first few hours. I would not want to wear more than a couple sprays during high heat as it might project out too hard.

Try this perfume out and blow your mind with the performance and the price tag.







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