Jenny Glow English Pear and freesia Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

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Jenny Glow is a Jo Malone inspired range of fragrances at a more affordable price.

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Jenny Glow English Pear and Freesia is inspired by Jo Malone fragrances. It is very much like Jo Malone’s English pear and Freesia perfume. The price makes it a remarkable buy.

Pear is a very sexy and seductive fruit note and Freesia is a very sexy flower scent.The combination of this is amazing. The opening of this fragrance is a fresh watery pear,slightly lemon citrus and subtle quint.The sweetness is very refreshing and wonderful for the summer time.

When the perfume drys down you can get the Freesia and rose with a very cool like texture. In Jo Malone the dry down is a peppery flower due to the Freesia, however in Jenny glow the Freesia is more clean in the sense that it is not that spicy which makes it a beautiful scent.

The longevity of Jenny glow on my skin lasts around five hours.The projection is for about thirty minutes until it turns into a skin scent.After sixty minutes you can smell the amber, white musk and patchouli.

This is a wonderful clone , really well made and will earn you compliments in public. It can be worn by both men and Women because it is so light,airy and watery which makes it no problem for men to wear it as well.



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