Jenny Glow Lime, Basil & Mandarin Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

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Jenny glow is inspired by Jo Malone perfumes and smells similar but at a more affordable price.

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Jenny glow Lime ,Basil and Mandarin comes in a very elegant packaging and at an affordable price. The bottle is very easy to spray on yourself.

It is inspired by Jo malone perfumes and smells just the same.This fragrance gives what it promises. It is a super citrus fragrance. Basil also gives it more life and an undertone of Iris. This is one of the most citrus fragrances I have smelt. I find it very clean so it works very well in the mornings.

It doesn’t leave a memory afterwards and is a forgettable timeless fragrance. It smells beautifully intense, the citrus notes are powerful yet not too overwhelming and it combines perfectly well making it very neutral.

The zesty lime and mandarin makes it a very good piece, yet this doesn’t make it too heavy. The hint of herb dancing in there also compliments this very well.

I would wear this during Summer and Autumn as it is very light.It is very easy to wear because it is a very natural scent unlike some of the other chemical fragrances out there.




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