Jenny Glow Pomegranate Noir Eau De Parfum Spray for Women

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Jenny Glow fragrances is inspired by Jo Malone at a more affordable price.


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Jenny Glow Pomegranate Noir is inspired by Jo Malone fragrances. This particular fragrance represents the virtues of Jo Malone Pomegranate fragrance. This fragrance is indeed a special fragrance because it has several notes.It is an aromatic fruity fragrance.

The top notes are raspberry ,pomegranate,plum,rhubarb and watermelon.

The notes at the heart are lily of the valley, jasmine , rose and clove.

The notes at the base are Cedar,patchouli,musk and amber.

I really like how clean this fragrance smells.The feeling is very crisp and exactly how they are supposed to be. Quintessentially french,simplistic but clean. My first impression was an enchanted forest. I expected something more darker but its smells really green at first, almost magical. The clove is right at the forefront which makes it distinct and the fruitiness feels like winter berries making it a great overall combination. The clove doesn’t take over but makes it well balanced with the perfect amount of spice,green and fruit.

The peppery note is quite understated. It isn’t a super projector but this was meant to be subtle which makes it classy for anyone wearing it.

This fragrance lasts up to five hours and remains quite close to the skin.






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