John Varvatos For Men

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Male signature John Varvatos perfume was presented in 2004 in cooperation with Rodrigo Flores-Roux. Modern, bold and sophisticated. John Varvatos Classic Fragrance is infused with a relaxed, sensuous feeling. As elegant and masculine as it is intriguing, its subtle power conveys the attention to detail so clearly present in every John Varvatos creation. The experience of aromas includes a crisp, masculine introduction, rugged and rich heart notes, and a background of woody leather undertones with malt, balsamic, amber and hints of vanilla extract. John Varvatos includes notes of West Indian tamarind tree leaf, medjool date fruit, Mediterranean herbs, eaglewood [oud], black leather, auramber, sensuous balsams, and vanilla. Fragrance Notes Leather Tamarind Amber Dates Balsam Fir Vanilla Caramel Hay Olibanum Styrax Herbal Notes Agarwood (Oud)

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John Varvatos




Amber, Auramber, Balsamic, Black Leather, Malt, Mediterranean Herbs, Medjool Date Fruit, Sensuous Balsams, Tamarind Tree Leaf


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