Montblanc Legend For Men

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Montblanc Legend is for Sale with free shipping. This fragrance was launched in 2011. The style and fragrance it self was inspired by elegance and the essence of simplicity of this legendary invention.It was developed by Olivier Pescheux who also brought back 1 million and also worked on several variations of home brew legend after its release.

The composition for Montblanc Legend for men consists of a really sharp head note , some pineapple fruitiness and lemon and also a little bit of arabic aromatic lavender. The cologne is used in classic fragrances, its an formaldehyde which is quite fancy and kind of greasy but it has a very refreshing smell to it. It does have a subtle aquatic side to it but is more of a cool breeze of fresh air which is combined with red apple and rose.

What is quite interesting here is when smelt a few times the cologne starts to evaporate and the red apple will become green apple like sweet, tart and sour and fresh.

The base of this fragrance contains a record of green apple, with a little touch of cologne and some kind of classic Fujiaire base and tonka bean in there which is quite earthy and bitter. it also has this earthy moistness and a light cedar wood finish. However it still retains the almost aquatic cologne freshness.

This scent is a very conventional scent but at the same time it does have a couple of other interesting faces like pineapple , cologne at heart but otherwise the mixture of tonka bean and lavender which is also kind of classic.

In terms of seasonality Montblanc Legend for men is very much a spring fragrance but at the same time an all year fragrance as well. The particular characteristics that lend itself to every season feels somewhat lacking in a stark identity which is kind of not vague but blends in quite well in any situation. Although best suited in spring it can be worn any time of the year.

With regards to the wake and strength of the perfume the projection of this scent is reasonable within the distance of a handshake and in terms of the longevity this would probably last for half a day.

Montblanc Legend for men’s high level usage thoughts and impressions may be described as being quite suitable for men  in their 30’s. Men that are professional and want to wear this in an office friendly environment. It does not have any characteristics that are too overwhelming. It is a reassuring fragrance that is quite comforting. There is a technical masculine element to it but the particular notes that it uses are not overly masculine like pineapple which is quite unisex and the use of cologne and other elements which remind us of a masculine fragrance while not being too overly dominant. is selling this perfume at wholesale prices and ships perfumes at wholesale prices all over America.

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Apple, Bergamot, Coumarin, Dried Fruits, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Lemon Verbena, Oak, Pineapple, Red Apple, Rose, Sand, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean


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